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The Germans Visit Atlanta!

In 2007, I was an AuPair in Virginia. I met a cool German girl named Jenny and we really got along. We watched the Oscars together, went to all the restaurant chains in town, shopped and really just had a good time. Although we stayed in touch through the years, we hadn’t seen each other since.

I was overjoyed when she told me she could come visit Atlanta for a few days during her trip to the US last November! She was accompanied by her sister and sister’s boyfriend. Unfortunately, during her stay, we were both pretty sick so we didn’t spend quite as much time together as we would have hoped. I did join them to tour the Georgia Aquarium as well as the Coca-Cola museum. We used that time to catch up on the last 7 years

Jenny, hanging out with the penguins at the Aquarium
Taking my Coca-cola bottle at the end of the World of Coca-Cola tour.

On our last evening before Jenny left, Jeff recommended taking them to The Vortex, a cool bar in Midtown. Now, a smoky bar with greasy food might not have been the best place for two sick girls but we had fun nonetheless. 🙂

Jenny and I at The Vortex

My wonderfully generous friend also came bearing gifts! She brought me a ridiculous amount of delicious chocolate as well as two German cookbooks! I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet but looking through it, I can’t wait to try many of them! As for the chocolate, I did dig in…I still have some left but it did confirm that European chocolate is far superior to any of the American stuff. Sorry America. 😉

IMG_4740 IMG_4745

Jenny’s stay was short but it was so nice to see one of my closest AuPair friends. It was nice to see that even if we didn’t always do the best job at staying in touch, we could still catch up as if it hadn’t even been that long. International friendships are funny that way. It’s always sad to think about how far we are from someone but then, there is something extra special when we actually get to see each other again.

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