Meal Prep

Adjusting to a New Life Routine

Ladies and gents, life as we know it in this Hungry Québécoise’s household is changing drastically. No, to my mom’s despair, I am not pregnant. 😉 Without getting into too much detail, my husband just started a new job that will involve weekly travels. Basically, we will only get to see each other on the weekends. Thank goodness for Facetime and Skype! This new life will definitely involve adjustments, not only in the way we spend the little time we have left together but also in how we’ll use our time alone. While Jeff will be busy traveling, I will need to develop my own weekly routine at home. Part of my plan is to do most of the housework (vacuum, laundry, general cleaning) little by little during the week to have as much free time as possible to spend together over the weekend.  My other big plan is to try out one or two new recipes every week. My otherwise-wonderful husband is very picky so there are many recipes I have been dying to try but haven’t had the chance yet. My goal is to try some recipes that he wouldn’t like anyway while he’s away.

My “single lady” grocery shopping…

This week, I made two recipes, both from Budget Bytes: oven fajitas and chili cheese beef ‘n mac. I had planned to make one on Monday and the other on Tuesday but since my evenings are free now (still adjusting), I figured I’d go ahead and make it all on Monday night. I did make a few substitutions in the macaroni recipe: I used ground turkey instead of beef and quinoa macaroni instead of regular. For no reason other than that’s what I had on hand. Both dishes were extremely tasty and super easy to make. I had the fajitas for dinner in a lettuce wrap and tried the macaroni at lunch today. I have two more portions of fajitas and 4 more portions of macaroni which will provide most of my meals until Jeff comes back.

The chicken fajitas, right out of the oven
Lettuce-wrapped fajitas, small but filling.
My lunches for the week. The picture does it absolutely no justice.
My chili mac lunches for the week. The picture does it absolutely no justice.

So we’ll see what happens with this new lifestyle. Of course, I’ll miss being with my husband every day but I have a positive attitude about it and desperately want to make the best out of this experience. And nothing makes things better than good food in my book!

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