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TCP: Sweet Potato Casserole

This TCP (Toddler Cooking Project) is actually what we made last week, for the school Thanksgiving feast. Each class was asked to bring a dish to share during the lunch feast. I figured we could make something fun, fairly easy, that our group might actually eat: sweet potato casserole! We used the recipe from the link, although didn’t use the pecans since we are a nut-free school.

As soon as all the children arrived, we washed hands and headed over to the table to get to work. The whole group had fun mashing the sweet potatoes. They also enjoyed testing (i.e. tasting) the mini-marshmallows! We had a small incident when we realized the amount of smoke accumulating in the little oven. We realized that the marshmallows were burning too fast! Thankfully, a helpful mom was in the room and suggested covering the casserole with aluminum foil to let the rest of it cook without further damage to the marshmallows. And it worked out perfectly!

IMG_5142 - Version 2
Mash! Mash! Mash!
IMG_5151 - Version 2
Watching a buddy is just as exciting as participating!

During the feast, we kept reminding the children that they had made the sweet potato casserole that was on their plate. They were so proud. Especially since they got to share the experience with their parents who joined us for lunch!

IMG_5166 - Version 2
Enjoying the feast…our casserole included!

The casserole was a success, not only with the children who gobbled it up but several parents also asked for the recipe. Not bad for my first time cooking this very American dish! 🙂

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