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Peaceful Camping

This is will a short post. But I had to share our first successful camping trip of the year (finally!)! As you may or may not recall, we had a bad experience in May when we tried to go camping at the Shenandoah National Park only to get there and learned that all campsites were already taken. You can read the whole story in this post. This time, we made sure to make reservations so we wouldn’t have to deal with the same situation again. Since we had already planned to visit our friends in Spotsylvania, we decided to try out the Lake Anna campground as it was on the way.

The place was beautiful and the campsites were extremely well maintained. It might not have been the “wilderness camping” my husband would have liked but it was more than enough for me. Our campsite was a 5-minute walk to the beach. The only thing we didn’t think through was the heat and humidity in Virginian August. Oy. That was rough. But once we adjusted and started chugging down water, we did manage to enjoy our stay. After exploring the beach (which unfortunately closed too early for us to enjoy a swim), we spent most of our time reading, with a long frisbee break in the morning.

Of course, camping is also about camping food! Although many people come up with awesome fancy meals to make over the fire pit, I find camping to be an excuse to eat junk. Because junk cooked over the fire tastes so much better! 🙂 So as we stopped by the grocery store on our way to the campground, I made sure we had my two favorites: baked beans and hotdogs. Although not pictured, I also enjoyed two marshmallows, perfectly burnt. 🙂 In the morning, we also had some coffee made over the fire and it was almost as good as the one we make at home. Just a little bit more work than pushing the button though. 😉

We are finally back home with lots of “smoky” laundry to do! Oh, and grocery shopping…and putting the camping gear away. But it was all well worth it, for sure! 🙂

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