WIAW: “Back On Track” Edition

Last month, I decided to skip the Foodie Pen Pal matching since I didn’t know how busy I would be in July. I believe this short break was the perfect reminder of why I love the program so much. I found myself on several occasions, browsing through the markets, finding things I would have loved to share with a match. I was also pretty sad that I didn’t get a package by the end of the month. All this to say that I am back on the program! As I was browsing through my August match’s blog (can’t say who it is yet!), I discovered a new awesome weekly program called What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). It’s a cool opportunity to share a typical (or not so typical) day of eating. Not only does it give us a chance to see what other people like to eat, it’s also good motivation to eat well, since you have to share everything you ate throughout the day you choose to describe.

So, this week, I decided to share yesterday’s meal. As I mentioned in my previous post, this weekend was filled with scrumptious, over-the-top meals. It was amazing but I definitely ate a lot more food than I usually do. To top that, as we had to drive to my citizenship interview on Monday, we spent most of the day on the road and due to a lack of food preparation, we ended up eating things we found at various convenient stores/gas stations. It turned out to be a mixture of chips, soft pretzels, donuts, coffee and peanut M&M’s. Not pretty and certainly not what I’d call a healthy day. So Tuesday was my chance to get back on track. I don’t believe in cleansing but I do believe in having a light-food day to break the poor-eating cycle. So here it is…

Breakfast: Since I was planning to stay home and rest for most of the day, I didn’t feel the need to have my usual morning smoothie or any other regular breakfast. Instead, I had two cups of coffee and a Greek yogurt.

Lunch: For some reason, I wasn’t really hungry and since I wanted to keep my meals light anyway, I made myself a quick salad with different things I found in the fridge: spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, orange and pecans, with my new favorite: mango-coconut dressing. I also had a nectarine for dessert.

Snack: Although I was desperately wanting to eat the Snickers bar I bought Jeff for his weekend work day, I ended up being good and having dates instead. No pictures but boy, do I love dates. Yum.

Dinner: I didn’t know what to eat but I knew it should be light. My weekend trend pushed me in the soba noodles direction but I quickly got back on track and made myself two eggs, with sautéed mushrooms and onions. Because in this house (or at least in my mind, since my husband doesn’t agree), eggs are not only for breakfast. In fact, I tend to feel sick when I eat eggs in the morning. But no problem with them at lunch or dinner! I also had a small bowl of fresh raspberries for dessert.

In terms of drinks, other than my morning coffee, I only drank water. Because water tastes better than any soda drinks or juices! So all in all, no big recipes. Just simple, satisfying, light meals. It certainly felt good to eat well but I can’t make too many promises for the upcoming days. I do have a cauliflower sauce recipe I desperately want to try on pasta soon…

So THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what I ate on Tuesday, presented to you on Wednesday. 🙂

4 thoughts on “WIAW: “Back On Track” Edition”

  1. I love Chobani’s blood orange yogurt. Love, love, love it.

    I know what you mean about food on the road. I couldn’t wait until I was able to cook in my own kitchen.

    In oour family,we usually eat breakfast foods for dinner or lunch instead of for breakfast. (Pancakes, Waffles, and/or eggs)

  2. That mug is too cute! I have taken a couple week break from the foodie pen pal program and agree, there are times when I walk through the store and want to send some of the products. Maybe next month!

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