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Happy Birthday America!

I want to take a moment to wish you all a fantastic Fourth of July! With my citizenship interview coming up in just about a month, I am giddier than I have ever been on this patriotic day.

Last summer, as President Obama visited C'ville, I showed what a crowd a proud Americans looks like! :)
Last summer, as President Obama visited C’ville, I showed my visiting brother what a crowd of proud Americans looks like! 🙂

Although my husband and I don’t have big plans for Independence Day, we did dress in red, white and blue and went to the store to buy American beer (for him) and cider (for me), some fun snacks and, upon my husband’s request, we also bought bang snaps, aka scary little loud things. Jeff also suggested watching the movie Independence Day tonight, as I admitted that I’ve never seen it.

My red, white and blue breakfast...with a few bonus colors!
My red, white and blue breakfast…with a few bonus colors! (And yes, my eggs are overcooked…again.)

Have a fun and safe Fourth, y’all! 😉

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