Orange Lavender Cakes to Ease Back Into Work

You can't be a preschool teacher if you are not passionate about your job. I love working with young children. It is very fulfilling to see them grow and learn every single day. That being said, it can be really hard to snap back into work mode after almost two months of summer break. To… Continue reading Orange Lavender Cakes to Ease Back Into Work


Hotlanta Popsicles

I grew up in a world of summer Popsicles, Fudgsicles, Mr Freeze Ice Pops, and Drumsticks cones. They were good, refreshing, and full of stuff I probably shouldn't eat. I'm socked at how well I've resisted the urge to buy them as an adult. I guess avoiding the frozen dessert section of the grocery store… Continue reading Hotlanta Popsicles

Foodie Adventures

My Birthday Treats!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. I never understand people who don't like to celebrate their birthdays. Seriously. It's one of my favorite days of the year. I usually plan some sort of big celebration but this year, my husband was packing for a 2-week business trip to New Zealand (and why wasn't THAT my birthday… Continue reading My Birthday Treats!