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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all! (+ Post-Meal Update)

(See the end of the post for pictures of the dishes and thoughts on the recipes) This Thanksgiving is very special. For the last 6 years, our Turkey Day tradition had been the to Northern Virginia to spend time with my husband's family and stuff ourself silly. As we just moved to Atlanta, travelling for a… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all! (+ Post-Meal Update)

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Back to my Québécoise Roots! ….Part 1

A month ago, Jeff and I spent 10 days in Quebec. I had not been home in four years and Jeff had never been. I was beyond excited to see everyone but also to finally show my husband the unique province where I grew up. His French immersion was sometimes funny, sometimes exhausting, but I… Continue reading Back to my Québécoise Roots! ….Part 1


Sucre à la Crème: A Traditional Quebec Dessert

As Quebec National Day is coming up, I have been craving some traditional recipes for the past few weeks. One of my cravings was sucre à la crème, which is basically sugar fudge. Back when I lived with my parents, my aunt (well, mom's aunt) Berta would bring a big container of it as she… Continue reading Sucre à la Crème: A Traditional Quebec Dessert


Savory Quebec Dishes

After a week of eating leftover party food, I figured it was time to share some more traditional recipes from Quebec. First off, I'm glad to say that everyone seemed to like the food during our get-together. Although everyone had a different favorite dish, no particular dish grossed out anyone, so that's certainly a plus.… Continue reading Savory Quebec Dishes