Trying New Food

My June #MunchPak

(Please note that this post is not sponsored by MunchPak.)

It’s that time of the month again when I get to show you all the goodies I received in my mini MunchPak subscription!

For the month of June, my box included 5 goodies:

Pizza-flavored Snackers, from Pakistan

These crunchy snacks were basically a chip version of waffle fries. Super tasty and you definitely can’t go wrong with pizza flavor! While I was hoping to savor these over a couple of days, I ended up emptying the bag in one sitting. Good stuff! 🙂


Waffle Mate, from Korea

I shared these with my mom while she was visiting. Conveniently, there were two individual packages in the box. They had a really nice honey flavor. The cookie was denser than I expected, yet pretty light.


Lotte Milk Caramel, from Korea

Mmmm, I’d take a whole crate of these! They reminded me of the caramels I used to love as a child. Creamy, sweet, chewy…I just love to let them melt in my mouth. I am definitely considering to order a bunch more of these babies.


Krackjack Crackers, from India

For some reason, I took a long time to open this package. I think I assumed they would taste like Ritz crackers and wasn’t really in the mood. Boy, was I wrong! When I first tried them, they had a familiar taste that I couldn’t quite pin-point. I forced Jeff to have a taste (my hubby doesn’t enjoy being forced to eat something) and he found it….animal crackers! These taste just like animal crackers. A bit salty, a bit sweet, they just taste like childhood.


Strawberry-flavored Hi-Chew, from Japan

Hi-Chew appears to be the Japanese version of Starburst. It tastes and feels the same. It’s pretty good! I enjoyed them over a few days. I saw them at Buford Highway Farmer’s Market and was very tempted to buy some…maybe next time. 🙂


Once again, I was very happy with the goodies I received from MunchPak. I already received the July box and cannot wait to try everything! 🙂

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