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Our Wedding Anniversary

IMG_9718Saturday was our wedding anniversary. We were celebrating our fourth year as a married couple and, as I told Jeff, our relationship only seems to be getting stronger and “awesomer” with the years passing. Technically, I should have posted this yesterday but I wanted to be able to post about the food we had (it is a food blog after all…) and it might have been rude to ditch my husband after dinner to come write this. 🙂

Now, Jeff and I aren’t necessarily the usual romantic couple. I mean, our wedding, in itself was a good proof of it. We sent invitations to our friends and family only two weeks in advance, I wore a coral-colored short dress and we hosted a potluck at our house to celebrate. And it was perfect. When it comes to anniversaries, we rarely have big plans. This year especially, Jeff is preparing for a long business trip so our options were limited in terms of possibly going somewhere. So yesterday morning, we sat down to consider our options: nice dinner at home or try a new restaurant. Jeff suggested a new restaurant, Tavola, as he knew I had been wanting to try it for a long time now, and bonus point, it was walking-distance from our house.

Dinner was fabulous. First, we had mussels. I had never tried mussels before but really wanted to. It was a good occasion to give it a shot! It was good, although it wouldn’t necessarily be my first pick in the future. But I’m glad I tried it and liked it! For my main dish, I chose the house-made pasta with a pork ragu. It was so good. As we try not to eat much wheat anymore, I was craving quality pasta and I was not disappointed.

COZZE AI ERRI: skillet-roasted mussels, with garlic butter and parsley
PAPPARDELLE RAGU: house made pasta, local pork and red wine ragu, with parmigiano-reggiano and basil

We came back home for dessert as I’ve been following the same made-up tradition since our first anniversary. When we got married, we had a pincess cake from Albemarle Baking Company and each year, I go buy a slice (or two) for us to eat on our anniversary. It really is just a tradition in the sense that it’s my yearly excuse to eat a big slice of my favorite cake. And I tell Jeff that if we don’t keep the tradition alive, we might divorce and we wouldn’t want that to happen. Of course, this means that if we ever move or if Albemarle Baking Company ever closes, we could be in big trouble. Yeah, I guess I didn’t really think it through…but it’s SOOO good! 😉

Princess cake with a glass of bubbly.

Now only three more days until my birthday! Yeah, I’m not sure we really thought it through when we picked the date. But it officially makes March my favorite month of the year! Jeff gets his birthday and Christmas in December and I get my birthday and our anniversary in March. Fair enough. 😉

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