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Cookbook Galore!

After several weeks of holiday mess accumulating everywhere (fridge, living room, etc.), I finally managed to get the house back in order. Everything Christmas-related has been put away, all leftover food was either thrown out or put away in the freezer and the gigantic pile of boxes piling up in the living room is now neatly shoved in our recycling bin. This clean up process also gave me a chance to go through the gifts I received as I was looking for the best new home for each item. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the holiday season brought me 6 new cookbooks! Of course, I knew about each of them but I didn’t realize how many I had until I put them all together.

My father-in-law gave me 3 new holiday cookbooks (Nabisco, Hershey and Eagle Brand). I can’t promise that I’ll wait until next December to use them as I already pinned down some yummy treats in each of them. I will, however, wait a few months…or at least a few weeks…after all, not many of the recipes are Paleo friendly but they ARE cheat-day friendly! 🙂


I also widened my international cookbook collection. My mom sent me the Irish Pub Cookbook, which was in my Amazon wishlist. The pictured recipes all look fabulous and I look forward to try many of them.


With the gift card my grandma sent me, I also ordered A Taste of Quebec. This fabulous book is divided by region and includes tons of dishes I had never heard of as well as many personal favorites that are certain to bring back some great memories when I’ll try to make them.


The most special international cookbook I received was also from my in-laws. My husband’s step-mom, Kathy, is from Hungary and they gave me a cookbook of Hungarian recipes! Most recipes are very simple and include super cheap ingredients so it will be fun to try some new recipes without making my wallet cry! 😉


My challenge this year will be to actually use my cookbooks. I am way too excited about my new ones to let them sit pretty, unused, on the shelf. I am thinking of going through them and trying to make (at least) one new recipe each week (or every two weeks during the busiest sections of the upcoming semester).

I also just finished reading My Life in France by Julia Child (I am hosting our book club meeting this month and this book was my pick) and it made me really interested to read through Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I am hoping to whip up a few dishes from her book for our meeting although I haven’t decided which ones yet. It might be tricky to integrate most recipes in the Paleo lifestyle we’re aiming for but hopefully some slight modifications will still give me a chance to try many of them. And, you know, the occasional cheat days will help too. 🙂

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