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My Kitchen Dream Come True!

On Christmas Eve, my husband wished he wore ear plugs. Let me explain… To follow the Quebec tradition, we opened our gifts before going to bed on December 24. After letting me open a trio of cozy socks, a funny book and 2 amazing kinds of chocolate, I thought I was done and I was happy enough. But my amazing husband wasn’t actually and appeared in the living room with a gigantic box. As soon as I started ripping the paper apart and realized what it was, I screamed at the top of my lung. My very own Kitchen-Aid stand mixer!!! I was so ridiculously excited! This has to be the best gift ever for the foodie that I am turning into! 🙂

We were leaving the next morning to visit  my husband’s family so, although I considered it, I didn’t have enough time to use it yet. I did spend our entire time away thinking about what would be the first dish I would make with it.

Today was finally the day, and after a bunch of errands and a trip to the grocery store, I christened my new kitchen toy by making a loaf of honey oat bread. It smells fabulous in here! After washing it, I decided to use it once again when I made mashed potatoes for dinner.

IMG_8801 IMG_8821

I’m not sure what we’ll be eating for the upcoming days but I can confirm but each meal is likely to involve the stand mixer. Awww yeah. 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Kitchen Dream Come True!”

  1. Congratulations on your new mixer! Now you can start collecting attachments. Since my husband bought my mixer (also a Christmas present) two years ago, we have acquired a pasta maker and ice cream maker. Both of which I absolutely LOVE!

    1. I am so excited about getting the attachments! I am mostly interested in the pasta maker, the meat grinder, the sausage stuffer and the grain mill. I promised my husband I would use the basic mixer for a while before buying more stuff but I can’t promise how long I will wait. 🙂

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