Getting in the Holiday Spirit: Beef StrogaNog

Over the weekend, I saw a recipe by Dan at The Food in my Beard that caught my attention: beef StrogaNog. Yes, you read this right. The recipe is similar to a regular beef Stroganoff but with a holiday twist: use eggnog instead of cream! I bought all the ingredients over the weekend and today was the day. I was so ridiculously giddy about trying this out. I knew it would either be a great success or a gross failure. Thankfully, it turned out really good!

Check out Dan’s recipe right here.

IMG_8417As you can see on the picture above, the list of ingredients was super short! The only mistake I made though was to buy stew beef instead of something more tender. It was a little too chewy but still very tasty!


The result was super yummy. I couldn’t have enough of the creamy eggnog goodness on my egg noodles! Making this really got me wanting to make more holiday-inspired meals that aren’t the traditional stuff we’ll eat on Christmas. So I need to come up with more ideas in the next few weeks to add holiday twists to my regular meals. This should be fun! 🙂

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