Lemon Fever!

Let the baking week begin! After almost two weeks of laziness in the kitchen, I have the urge to bake. And to bake with lemons. For the past couple of months, I’ve been putting lemon wedges in the water bottle I use all day. It doesn’t add a whole lot of flavor but just a little kick to regular water. Of course, this means that I started buying tons of lemons. This made me very excited about not using the little plastic bottle of lemon juice anymore. Fresh lemon juice it is, for all upcoming recipes! I started the past weekend with two wishes: finishing the paint (done!), and baking with lemons.

Yesterday, after running to the store to get eggs (thanks Dawn!), I decided to make lemon poppy-seed muffins. Normally, if I’m at a bakery, I will always pick a chocolate muffin over anything with lemons (or anything that doesn’t evolve chocolate, really). But a couple of weeks ago, I was having coffee with a friend and I tried a lemon poppy-seed muffin at the coffee shop. I completely fell in love.

So, once again, I browsed the web and found a recipe that looked easy enough. As I only followed the recipe without making any modification, I will redirect you to the original post. Here is the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins recipe. The recipe was very easy to follow. The glaze didn’t look quite as pretty on my muffins as it did on the original post but that can only be my fault. I made 12 normal-size muffins and tested one after dinner. I think the muffins would be just as good without the glaze. It sort of turned them into a dessert instead of a snack or breakfast. But all in all, I believe my first lemon baked good was a success.


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