Baking (Captain) Haddock

Yesterday, after my daily workout, I had a few errands to run. I stopped by the grocery store to get a few random things when I suddenly had to urge to buy a fresh fillet of fish. I’m not usually very adventurous when it comes to fish. As I mentioned in a previous post, I grew up fishing with my dad and eating super fresh perch or walleye. Because of this, supermarket fish usually gross me out. But as I know that fish is a healthy thing to cook regularly, I really want to make an effort and find some kinds I might like. So, as I said, I was at the grocery store and decided to stop by the fresh seafood area. I browsed through the selection and, after questioning the nice man working behind the counter, I ended up leaving with a fillet of haddock. I had never cooked or eaten haddock before but I had heard that it was a very mild fish. But, in reality, Haddock, to me, is just the name of the captain in Tintin. Not a very mild character! 😉

As soon as I arrived home, I jumped on my laptop to look for a recipe. I ended up finding a lemon herb haddock recipe that looked really good. I won’t post the recipe as I didn’t modify it so you can just take it right from the original website. I noticed that the fish I bought had the skin on one side. My dad has NEVER left the skin when preparing fillets so it always throws me off. I don’t understand why they would ever leave it on. I’ve always left it as is when I buy it as the store but the skin is always what grosses me out the most. So I hoped that I wouldn’t ruin it and managed the cut off the skin without butchering the fillet too much. I do believe it helped keeping the flavor mild and less “fishy”.

My only problem while following the recipe was that I had half the amount of fish that was suggested in the original post so I should have cut the topping mixture in half. I had so much topping left that I ended up using it to cook the asparagus as well. It wasn’t my best idea but it tasted fine. I just wasn’t willing to let that yummy mixture go to waste!

I added a big spoonful of my zesty coleslaw as well and this ended up being a bright, fresh, and healthy meal to start the weekend! And considering that we might be painting all weekend, it might actually be the best meal we’ll have for the next couple of days.


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