Foodie Adventures

Cheating weekend

Okay, okay, I got off my cooking wagon this weekend. After a wonderful night out with the ladies on Friday night, I ended up spending all weekend recovering from going to bed way passed my bed-time that night! Who could have thought I would be such an old lady at 26? Well, I guess going to bed at 10 every night should have been an indicator. 🙂

All this to say that no cooking was accomplished this weekend. We did order food though. I can’t help it, if I don’t feel good, my brain automatically goes to Red Lantern, our favorite Chinese food restaurant in the neighborhood. I do have to say that we have made a lot of progress over the last few years. Let’s just say that we used to be surprised at how many fortune cookies they would leave for us, i.e. how numerous they thought we might be to order so much food. I am proud to say that our last delivery came with a single cookie, which was surprising to both of us. We knew we would get something unhealthy (General Tso chicken) but we figured we would minimize the damage with portion control. We ended up sharing the chicken into four portions! (Each a plate for dinner and 2 leftover containers) That’s what I call progress!


So with that said, I did stop by C’ville Market and grabbed a whole lot of yummies to cook with this upcoming week! My favorite thing about going to this little local market instead of the enormous chain supermarket is that there are way less unhealthy temptations. It’s small but all the essentials are there. It’s also surprisingly cheap so I come back home with tons of fruits and veggies for just a little bit of money! I also found the special section in their refrigerated area for discounted produce. I always end up finding things that are still perfect for stews or soups for a very small fraction of the original price.

Now time to forget about the weekend laziness. I need to start thinking about what I will be cooking this week! 🙂

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