Foodie Adventures

A new attempt at food blogging…

After being an obnoxious Facebook friend who posted all of her meals, I realized it probably wasn’t the best way to share my culinary pride. That’s when I remembered I had this blog! It’s been over a year since my last post which is pretty ridiculous. Life has been pretty different since then. We got better kitchen equipment, including a rice cooker and a bread machine. I’ve been growing culinary herbs, which is a great way to add amazing flavors to meal just by cutting off a few branches off my plants. We’re also eating out a whole lot less. We still have a weekly dinner out but we don’t really get take out anymore. Considering that we used to eat only 1-2 meals at home every week, this is some serious improvement! Plus, it gives me a chance to cook a lot more and I love it!

So here’s the challenge I’ll be giving myself. For the next month (at least), I want to post daily. This should encourage me to cook more as I will have the pressure of posting something interesting. I will add the recipes to each meal.

Now wish me luck and feel free to suggest some yummy recipes to try out! 🙂

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